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Adjusting Volume on the 19, 39, 48, or 60-in-1 Multigame PCB

To adjust the volume on the 19-in-1, 39-in-1, 48-in-1, or 60-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB you will need to access the SETUP menus via the TEST Switch in your cabinet. Turn on / hold down the TEST switch then power on your PCB/cabinet...this will load the 60-in-1 PCB into the setup menu. If you do not have a cabinet TEST switch then you can set DIP SW 3 - BIT 4 to the ON position and then power up the board.

Once the board loads into the test/setup menu, keep pressing the TEST switch (or Player 1 Shooter Button 1 if you do not have a TEST switch) until you get to the Volume Adjust page. You will need to page through all the game setup pages first as the Volume page is the second to last page. Once on the Volume Adjust page, move the joystick left/right to adjust the volume level. Once the volume level is good, press PLAYER 1 START BUTTON to save the new setting. Then power off the board/cabinet and the adjustment is complete.

Another option to adjust the volume is to turn the small orange pot located near the VGA connector on the 60-in-1 PCB. This small pot actually controls the sound amplifier which will lower or raise the volume however it is best to keep this pot as is (mid-range) and use the TEST switch method to adjust the volume.
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