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6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB w/ Wireless Remote
  • 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB w/ Wireless Remote
  • 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB's Wireless Remote

6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB w/ Wireless Remote


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Install up to six different JAMMA (or non-JAMMA with the use of a JAMMA Adapter) PCBs into a single JAMMA cabinet with ease! This 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA switcher unit is simple to install and works with just a quick press of the wireless remote. The switcher function is wireless so there is no need to drill out a new 'switch' button into your control panel or cabinet. The wireless remote features push buttons labeled 1 through 6, so any PCB and be directly accessed without the need to scroll through each MultiJAMMA slot.

We test EVERY SLOT for full proper pinout/operation! Including testing video, controls, sound, etc from all 6 slots tested with JAMMA test pattern boards. With testing through all 6 slots of the 6-in1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB, and with possibly installing the extra -5VDC wiring if selected, does take a lot of time and will usually add extra processing time into the order of an extra day or so.

Setup is quick and easy:
1 - Install the 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB into your JAMMA ready arcade cabinet (on cabinet floor is ideal if possible).
2 - Connect the 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB into your JAMMA cabinets connector.
3 - Install your other JAMMA PCBs (or non-JAMMA PCBs with the use of a JAMMA Adapter) into one of the open 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB slots (Slot closest to the JAMMA connection is slot 1 / furthest is slot 6).
4 - Power on your cabinet and enjoy!

Power on your cabinet and your ready to play. When you want to switch over to another installed PCB, just press the button on the included mini wireless remote! The switcher safely cuts power to the active PCB, then switches power and all functions over to the other PCB.



  • PCB - 21.9cm / 8.625" (W) x 29.5cm / 11.615" (L)
  • Remote - 3.5cm / 1.375" (W) x 8.3cm / 3.25" (L) (excluding antenna)

This Kit contains:

  • 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB
  • Wireless Six Channel Remote
  • (6) Mounting Feet with screws 

** Importance Notice / -5VDC Wiring Option: **
The 6-in-1 MultiJAMMA Switcher PCB will only properly work with standard JAMMA PCBs requiring +5VDC and +12VDC only. Certain Midway JAMMA PCBs such as Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, etc require -5VDC to also be connected for proper sound operation. If you intend to install any PCBs requiring -5VDC to be installed, be sure to add the -5VDC Wiring Option/Upgrade to the PCB order.


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