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Battletoads JAMMA+ PCB

CODE: PCB-Battletoads

used / Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal / JAMMA / 14 Days Limited

In a turn of crazy events three ordinary joes were sucked into another dimension in which they were transformed into the Battletoads, as they arrived they were attacked by the Dark Queen and her forces but they were saved by Professor T-Bird and now the 'toads must battle the Dark Queen's forces trough all the galaxy.

14 days

Double Dragon JAMMA PCB


used / Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal / JAMMA / 14 Days Limited

Marion has been taken away by the Black (or Shadow) Warriors and is being held hostage. If the game is being played by two people, both players can fight enemies throughout the game, but they are also able to hurt each other. When both players finally reach the end of the game, there is a one-on-one fight between the two to see who wins the girl.

30 days



Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal

Players control Indiana Jones-like characters who try to stop animal poachers from torturing and killing wild beasts. Game reminds me of a Double Dragon type of game play with a little more to it.

30 days

Nastar Warrior - JAMMA PCB

CODE: PCB-Nastar

used / Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal / JAMMA / 14 Days Limited

A barbarian adventure. Journey through the countryside collecting power-ups and new weapons while battling various bizzare creatures. Clear the final round to rid Rastania of the demons.

30 days


CODE: PCB-Rastan

used / Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal / JAMMA / 14 Days Limited

A barbarian's adventure across varying terrain while encountering an assortment of mythological creatures and weapons. Pick up bonus items to increase your characters health or protection against attack, but beware of the cursed items. Unlimited continues are available throughout the game.

30 days

Superman - JAMMA PCB


In stock
used / Taito / Scrolling Fighter / Horizontal / JAMMA / 14 Days Limited

You control Superman (or a red Superman in two-player games) to fight and kick in a battle against the evil super-powered aliens. The game alternates between fight/kick sequences and flying sequences where Superman uses his heat vision to shoot meteors and mechanical weapons.

14 days


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