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Friction Arcade Game Shooter Conversion Kit (JAMMA)

CODE: FrictionKit

Price: $1,995.00

Discontinued by Manufacturer
30 days
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Battle against the Transforming Robots that threatens Destroy Mankind! 

Easily convert any older nonproductive video game into a top earning shooter game! The Friction kit can install into any working JAMMA arcade cabinet, using any type installed monitor (CGA, EGA, or VGA). The kit contains all the parts needed to convert an older video game that is no longer pulling in any money into a high earning shooter gaming experience. 
The first game developed by Friction Game Studios. Friction is an action-packed full 3D rail shooter that uses the latest graphic rendering technologies. Players must navigate through three challenging levels full of varied game play that will keep them coming back to play time and time again. 


Game Features:

  • Real-time dynamic lighting using programmable pixel shaders
  • Fully destructible level geometry
  • Ultra-realistic physics and motion captured character animations
  • Over 14 different enemies with varied attack behaviors
  • Variety of player weapons and power ups
  • Unique transforming super bosses with special attacks


    Item/Cabinet Requirements:
  • Standard JAMMA wired arcade cabinet (working) 
  • Control Panel Layout:
        - 2 Start Buttons with enough room for light gun / holster mounting.
  • Monitor Type Required (Single or Dual Monitors will work well): 
        - Standard Resolution (CGA) CRT Monitor,
        - Medium Resolution (EGA) CRT Monitor, or
        - High Resolution (VGA) CRT Monitor


    Monitor is required to be in the Horizontal Position


     Monitor is required to be in the Horizontal Position Monitor is required to be in the Horizontal Position

    SINGLE Monitor Display setup

      Or DUAL Monitor Display setup


     (such as installing in a Time Crisis cabinet)



    Package Contents:
  • 1 - Main Computer System
  • 1 - I/O Board (JAMMA Interface PCB)
  • 1 - VGA Cable (connects to I/O board)
  • 2 - Suzo-Happ .45 cal. Optical guns
  • 2 - Holsters
  • 2 - Start Buttons
  • 1 - Wiring Harness
  • 1 - Marquee
  • 1 - DVD (contains graphics you can customize and have printed at local sign shop)
  • 1 - Friction Conversion Kit Installation Manual

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