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JAMMA PCB to NeoGeo MVS Cabinet Adapter
  • JAMMA PCB to NeoGeo MVS Cabinet Adapter

JAMMA PCB to NeoGeo MVS Cabinet Adapter



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Safely install a JAMMA board into your Neo Geo MVS (Multislot) cabinet! The NeoGeo MVS (Multislot) is not a fully JAMMA compatible system. There are a few minor but important differences between the NeoGeo MVS and regular JAMMA pinouts. The JAMMA PCB to NeoGeo MVS Cabinet adapter will properly and safely allow the use of JAMMA PCBs into an existing NeoGeo MVS (Multislot) cabinet.  All other additional benefits and features are listed below.


  • Adapts standard JAMMA single speaker audio for the MVS cabinet dual speaker setup. 
  • Provides proper and complete audio isolation between the JAMMA PCB and NeoGeo Cabinet.
  • Corrects Test switch positioning so the NeoGeo cabinet's Test switch will function properly with the JAMMA PCB.
  • Available two channel audio input allows stereo producing JAMMA PCB's to utilize the NeoGeo cabinet's dual stereo speakers.
  • Optional Test/Service configuration panel to allow the NeoGeo's UP or DOWN game select button to work as the Test or Credit button. 
  • Simple design allows this adapter to easily be placed in-line between your JAMMA connector and your NeoGeo MVS 56-pin connector.
  • Mounting holes are located in each corner, making for an optional strong cabinet installation. 

Item Details:  
** J1 Stereo Input cable is not included. If needed, they can be optionally added when adding this adapter into the shopping basket (see below).

** The J1 Stereo input cable uses 4 color coded wires, approx. 2' in length, and professionally crimped into a mating Molex 2.54mm 4 pin connector. This type cable is only needed for connecting stereo audio from the JAMMA PCB (assuming the JAMMA PCB is capable of producing stereo sound and has a separate output connection).



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