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Pacman/Ms Pacman Upright Cabinet 60-in-1 Upgrade Complete Kit

Pacman/Ms Pacman Upright Cabinet 60-in-1 Upgrade Complete Kit


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An easy to install kit to upgrade your original Pacman or Ms Pacman upright cabinet to a new 60-in-1 multigame machine! No need to rewire your cabinet or change out any parts. Everything needed is this one simple to install kit!

This kit includes all main 3 items required to upgrade your Pac / Ms Pac cabinet to a 60-in-1 machine.

  1. New Chinese 60-in-1 iCade JAMMA PCB 
  2. New JAMMA PCB to Pacman/Ms Pacman Cabinet Adapter
  3. New ATX Switching Power Supply
  4. Set of 4 PCB Mounting Feet

No other items are needed and installation is simple!




  1. To install you would just first remove your original Ms. Pacman PCB from the cabinet connector (with the machine unplugged of course).
  2. Install the JAMMA PCB to Pacman/Ms Pacman Cabinet Adapter into the cabinet connector.
  3. Plug the ATX power supply 4-pin peripheral connector into the adapter.
  4. Connect the 60-in-1 iCade JAMMA PCB into the open end of the adapter.
  5. Plug in your Pac cabinet and ATX power supply into your power source/wall outlet and play!

You do not need to change anything else in your cabinet. Keep everything else connected including the original cabinet power supply. The adapter will isolate the DC voltages from the original cabinet power supply, plus it must still be functioning to power some of the cabinet lighting.


The JAMMA PCB to Pacman/Ms Pacman Cabinet Adapter will convert all the cabinet Pacman wiring over to match the JAMMA connector on the Chinese 60-in-1 PCB. Also a special feature of the JAMMA PCB to Pacman/Ms Pacman Cabinet Adapter created by JammaBoards.com is that this adapter will also let you use your Pacman Player 1 & 2 START buttons as the Player 1 shooter buttons 1 & 2, so there is no need to hack into your control panel and install new buttons!

All parts are brand new and the Chinese 60-in-1 game board has been fully tested to ensure there are no board problems when it arrives to you.



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