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Task Force Harrier JAMMA PCB

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Task Force Harrier
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Item Description: (KLOV INFO)
A two-player vertically scrolling helicopter battle against various aircraft and ground enemies. Power-ups and additional weapons can be collected throughout the game. Waves end with either one or two "mega enemies" that require significant damage in order to be destroyed.


Game Play
The game play is reminiscent of 1942.

PCB Specifics:
Manufacturer: UPL
Year: 1989
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Scrolling Shooter
Type: Videogame Monitor:
 * Orientation: Vertical
 * Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
 * CRT: Color
Conversion Class: JAMMA
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Joint
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player Ambidextrous
 * Joystick: 4-way (up, down, left, right)
 * Buttons: 2
Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)

 Item Contents:
* 1 - Task Force Harrier JAMMA PCB
Click to view Hi-Res picture of the Task Force Harrier Board

* Great game in the footsteps of 1942. Board is clean and sound is great. ** This board will work perfectly in any JAMMA cabinet with a vertical monitor.

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