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VGA to CGA PAL NTSC Video Converter PCB (GBS8100)

VGA to CGA PAL NTSC Video Converter PCB (GBS8100)


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The VGA to CGA PAL NTSC VIDEO CONVERTER (GBS-8100) is a kind of professional of game display converter. Convert any VGA signal (such as from your PC or a VGA displaying arcade video game PCB) to CGA signal. You can play any VGA games(High resolution Arcade games or PC games) at CGA CRT monitors(15K) or display on any TV monitors (NTSC or PAL).

The GBS-8100 VGA to CGA/TV video converter PCB is a perfect solution for your MAME / arcade project! Simply connect the VGA output video from your MAME / PC system into the GBS-8100 converter PCB. Then take the CGA output video and connect into your existing arcade cabinets CGA video monitor.


♦ Supports VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA(640*480,800*600,1024*768,1280*1024) signal input.
♦ Supports VGA output by pass.
♦ CGA signal output(15K).
♦ Video/S-Video output.
♦ Supports NTSC & PAL.
♦ Supports position control & zoom control.
♦ True digital 24-bit A/D converter for true 16.7-million color conversion.
♦ English OSD (On-Screen Display) Adjusting menu.



Input Connection(s):

Video Output Connections(s):

  • VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA Video Input - P3 Connector
  • +5VDC Power Input (+5V 1A +/- 0.5V) - P1 / P2 Connectors
  • Composite Video - RCA / AV (TV) - P5 Connector
  • S-Video (TV) - P6 Connector
  • CGA Video (RGB Combined Sync - RGBH+V) - P7 Connector
  • VGA Bypass Output - P4 Connector


Signal Input Types:

Video Output Types:

  • VGA 640x480@60/72/75/85Hz
  • SVGA 800x600@56/60/72/75Hz
  • XGA 1024x768@60Hz
  • MAC 640x480@66Hz
  • CGA (15K) (480i @60Hz)
  • NTSC M - NTSC 3.58 (480P)
  • NTSC N - NTSC 4.43 (480P)
  • NTSC-EIAJ (480P)
  • PAL M (480P)
  • PAL N (480P)
  • PAL B/D/G/HI (480P)
  • PAL Combination N (480P)
  • RGB Combined Sync - RGBH+V (480i @60Hz)


Product Dimensions:
♦ 100mm (Length) x 70mm (Width) x 20mm (Height)
♦ 3.9 inches (Length) x 2.8 inches (Width) x 0.8 inches (Height)


Package Includes:
♦ GBS-8100 VGA to CGA PAL NTSC Video Converter PCB
♦ 5-Pin RGBH+V Dual Connection Cable
♦ 2-Pin Power Cable
♦ GBS-8100 Instruction Manual

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