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Jamma Plus Fingerboard / Adapter JB-2's JAMMA+ Plus Fingerboard / Adapter is the ultimate fingerboard when you already own a JAMMA+ Plus arcade game cabinet. The additional connection ports (CN1, CN2, AUX) are primarily based off of the standard 15-Pin connections as seen on many JAMMA boards such as Street Fighter Series, WWF Wrestlefest, etc. Adding more flexability to wire in your extra controllers and buttons the way you want. Also an upgrade into the JB-2 fingerboard is the gold plated edge fingers which will provide a great electrical connection between the JAMMA harness and your board. The gold plated edge fingers will also help prevent premature wear down of the electrical contacts.

Another big upgrade worth mentioning is this board is now mountable. Perhaps you want to sell one of your JAMMA arcade game cabinets that doesnt actually contain a JAMMA style PCB. Having the adapter fingerboard neatly mounted to the cabinet not only looks great but also insures the loose adapter won't work itself loose during transport.

Premier Features:
  Extra connection ports allowing proper signal match up and distribution to your individual JAMMA+ Arcade Cabinet setup. (Great for your extra buttons / stereo speaker setup that regular JAMMA can't handle!)
  Contains 4 - .150" circular mounting holes in each corner.
  Clear identifiable pin-outs listing each pin from 1-28, & A thru f. (Showing a total of 56-pins ( 54 Pins + the Pin 7 keySlot))
  Every pin is labeled in an 'Easy to Understand' text displaying its signal/function/purpose, making your JAMMA adapter building project a breeze!
  Gold plated edge fingers to provide an excellent electrical continually, and resists wear down from continual board swap outs.
  All soldering points use strong through-hole plated connections. Ensuring a strong and secure soldering bond between the fingerboard and wire.
  Extra wide 40mil, multi-path traces designed into this board. Allowing maximum current flow for even those older power hungry, component filled arcade game boards!


** The picture shown above displays (2) 15 Pin 2.5mm Molex Headers, and (1) 5 Pin Molex Header. These are optional to be delivered with the JB-2 Fingerboard. I do not want to force you to buy then when you might not need them.


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