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About was started in Dec. 2003.

In the beginning, I used EBay as my only store front for selling only the best Jamma products at low cost. Unfortunately, as EBay's fees were continually on the rise, I did not want to increase the costs of jamma adapters and arcade parts. So was born! I still use EBay, as it still is a great way for new customers to find me. just looks at these fees as 'advertising' funds.

I want to add only the most informative information into this site for any arcade game collect and player alike. Along with good solid information, or external links to what your looking for, I also have setup an online shop providing high quality and low cost parts. Majority of the parts I sell only are just what is needed to construct arcade adapters.

I think that you will see that's Jamma Fingerboard adapters are reliable, easy to use, and best quality which you can find for the best price around! My Signature Jamma Fingerboard / Adapter has been designed to provide a high quality & reliable way to convert any arcade game PCB into your JAMMA Arcade Game Cabinet.

Please feel free to have a look around and contact me with any questions. Also I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that you might have in order to make your visit to a much more pleasant one. Thank you.


Using a Jamma Fingerboard / adapter you can install a non-Jamma Arcade Game board, such as 'TRON',  into any Jamma Arcade Game Cabinet! All you would need is just our fingerboard / adapter, some wire, and a tron controllers to swap out with the standard jamma controllers! Copyright© 2004-2008
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