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Welcome to the JAMMA Center!

This section has been created in order to make it easier for everyone to locate any information they might need to know when dealing with JAMMA as well as Non-JAMMA Arcade PCB's. Also I am continually building the arcade PCB board repair section list of documents and hopefully this will be benefitial to everyone who likes to make their own board repairs.

If you looking for basic information about what is jamma, or you might have some other questions about what jamma is or all about, then check out the JAMMA FAQ section. It will hopefully answer some of your questions. Also if you would like to add anything to help out those who are new to the JAMMA world, then please submit your ideas or articles directly to me through e-mail. This is always a big help to everyone.

The Arcade PCB Pin outs section, as well as the Repair Guides section, will currently take you into an FTP directory. You can simply search for what you are looking for by the title name of the file. Most files in these two sections should be either in a .text or .pdf format.

** Please note that did not create many of these files, nor can confirm who the actual author was of some of the files. If any inaccuracies are found to be in these files, please contact me directly at Thank you!


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