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This is the most complete listing of all JAMMA boards known to the world. did not initially create this list and is only providing it as an additional resource provider for it. I do however fix descripancies reported and update more games to the list that I find are missing.

A quick important note for reading the list below:
VIDEO: H = Horizontal Monitor Needed / V = Vertical Monitor Needed

Horizontal Arcade Monitor Example   Vertical Arcade Monitor Example
Monitor shown in Horizontal Position
Monitor Shown in Vertical Position

If H/V is shown then board can be played on both types of monitors!

H   '88 Games                         Konami              1988  JAMMA
V   1941: Counter Attack              Capcom              1990  JAMMA
V   1943: The Battle of Midway        Capcom              1988  JAMMA
V   19XX: The War Against Destiny     Capcom              1988  JAMMA
H   3 Wonders                         Capcom              1991  JAMMA
V   39-in-1 Multicade                 Tawian Mfg.         2004  JAMMA
V   48-in-1 Multicade                 Tawian Mfg.         2006  JAMMA
V   60-in-1 Multicade                 Tawian Mfg.         2007  JAMMA
H 9 Ball Shoot Out Bundra 1994 JAMMA V Aero Fighters McO'River 1992 JAMMA H Air Buster Namco/Kaneko 1990 JAMMA V Ajax Konami 1988 JAMMA V Alabaster Taito 1989 JAMMA H Alien vs. Predator Capcom 1993 JAMMA H Aliens Konami 1990 JAMMA H/V Ameri-Darts Ameri Corp 1989 JAMMA V American Horse Shoes Taito 1990 JAMMA H Apache 3 Data East (DECO) 1989 JAMMA H Arabian Fight Sega 1992 JAMMA H Arlington Horse Race Strata/Incredible 1990 JAMMA V Arm Champs Jaleco 1991 JAMMA V Assault Atari (Namco?) 1988 JAMMA H Astayanax Jaleco 1989 JAMMA V Asuka 'N Asuka Taito 1988 JAMMA H Ataxx Leland 1990 JAMMA H Atomic Punk Irem 1991 JAMMA H Avenging Spirit Jaleco 1991 JAMMA H B.Rap Boys Kaneko 1991 JAMMA H Bad Dudes Data East (DECO) 1988 JAMMA H Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Data East 1988 JAMMA H Badlands Atari 1989 JAMMA H Batman Atari Games 1991 JAMMA H Battle Toads Electronics Arts JAMMA V Battleantes (Battlantis?) Konami 1987 JAMMA V Bermuda Triangle S.N.K. JAMMA H Bio-Ship Paladin American Sammy JAMMA H Bionic Commando Capcom 1988 JAMMA H Black Dragon Capcom 1987 JAMMA H Black Tiger Romstar 1987 JAMMA H Blades of Steel Konami 1987 JAMMA H Blandia Taito/Allumer JAMMA H Blasted Midway 1987 JAMMA V Block Block Capcom 1991 JAMMA H Block Out Technos/California 1990 JAMMA H Bloody Wolf Romstar 1989 JAMMA H Bloxeed Sega 1989 JAMMA H Boot Camp Konami 1987 JAMMA H Bottom of the Ninth Konami 1989 JAMMA V Bowl O Rama I/T 1990 JAMMA H BreakThru Data East (DECO) 1985 JAMMA H Brute Force Leland 1990 JAMMA H Bubble Symphony Taito JAMMA H Buster Bros. Capcom 1990 JAMMA H Cabal Fabtek/TAD 1988 JAMMA H Cadash Taito 1990 JAMMA H Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Capcom 1992 JAMMA V Cal.50 Caliber-Fifty Romstar/Seta 1989 JAMMA V Capcom Bowling Capcom 1987 JAMMA H Captain America and the Avengers Data East (DECO) 1991 JAMMA H Captain Commando Capcom 1991 JAMMA H Carrier Air Wing Capcom 1990 JAMMA H Castle of Dragon Romstar JAMMA H Caveman Ninja Data East (DECO) 1991 JAMMA H Champion Wrestler Taito 1990 JAMMA H Championship Bowling JAMMA H Chelnov: The Atommic Runer Data East 1988 JAMMA H Chinagate Kitcorp/Romstar 1988 JAMMA V Chopper I SNK 1988 JAMMA H Cisco Heat Jaleco 1990 JAMMA H Clutch Hitter Sega 1991 JAMMA H Cobra Command Data East (DECO) 1989 JAMMA H Combatribes Technos 1990 JAMMA H Contra Konami JAMMA H Cool Pool Catalina 1992 JAMMA V Coors Light Bowling Capcom 1989 JAMMA H Cotton Sega/Success 1991 JAMMA H Crime City Taito 1989 JAMMA H Crime Fighters Konami 1989 JAMMA H Crude Buster Data East JAMMA H Cyberball 2072 Atari 1989 JAMMA H D.D. Crew Sega 1991 JAMMA H Dangerous Dungeons Game Room 1992 JAMMA H Dark Adventure Konami 1987 JAMMA H DE Block A/S 1991 JAMMA H Dead Angle Fabtek/Seibu 1988 JAMMA H Desert Assault Data East (DECO) 1991 JAMMA V Devastators Konami 1988 JAMMA H DJ Boy American Sammy 1989 JAMMA H Double Axle Taito 1991 JAMMA
H Double Dragon Technos 1986 JAMMA
H Double Dragon II: The Revenge Technos/Romstar 1989 JAMMA H Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Ston Taito (Technos?) 1990 JAMMA H Double Dribble Konami 1986 JAMMA V Downtown Romstar 1990 JAMMA H Dragon Breed Irem 1989 JAMMA V Dragon Saber Namco 1990 JAMMA V Dragon Spirit Atari Games 1987 JAMMA H Dark Stalkers The Night Warriors Capcom 1994 JAMMA V Drift Out A/S (Visco Games?) 1991 JAMMA H Drift Out 94 Namco JAMMA H Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Capcom/SSI 1994 JAMMA V Dyger SHP 1989 JAMMA H Dynamite Duke Fabtek/Seibu 1989 JAMMA H Dynasty Wars Capcom 1989 JAMMA V Dyno Bop G/P 1990 JAMMA H E.D.F. Earth Defense Force Jaleco 1990 JAMMA H Eco-Fighters Capcom 1994 JAMMA H Elevator Action 2 Taito 1996 JAMMA H Empire City 1931 Romstar 1987 JAMMA H Escape from Planet of the Robots Atari 1989 JAMMA V Extermination World Games 1987 JAMMA H Exterminator PRM (Gottlieb?) 1989 JAMMA V F-1 Grand Prix Video System 1991 JAMMA H Fighter's History Data East JAMMA H Fighting Golf S.N.K. 1988 JAMMA V Fighting Hawk Taito 1988 JAMMA H Final Fight Capcom 1990 JAMMA H Final Lap Atari 1988 JAMMA V Final Round Sega 1989 JAMMA V Fire Trap Data East (DECO) 1986 JAMMA H Forgotten Worlds Capcom 1988 JAMMA H Four Trax Atari 1989 JAMMA V Free Kick Merit Industries/? 1988 JAMMA V Gal's Panic Kaneko 1991 JAMMA V Gal's Panic 2 Kaneko JAMMA V Galaga 88 Atari 1988 JAMMA H Gang Wars SNK 1989 JAMMA H Gate of Doom Data East 1990 JAMMA H Ghouls 'n Ghosts Capcom 1988 JAMMA H Gold Medalist Romstar 1988 JAMMA H Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Sega 1992 JAMMA H Golden Tee Golf STA 1989 JAMMA V Gondomania Data East (DECO) 1987 JAMMA H Great 1000 Mile Rally Kaneko 1994 JAMMA V Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer Taito 1992 JAMMA H Growl Taito 1991 JAMMA V Gryzor Konami 1987 JAMMA H Guardians of the 'Hood Atari Games 1992 JAMMA V Guerrilla Wars Tradewest/S.N.K. 1988 JAMMA H Gun Baron Jaleco 1991 JAMMA H Gundam Jaleco 1991 JAMMA H Gunforce Irem 1991 JAMMA V Gunnail NMK JAMMA H Hacha-Mecha Fighter NMK JAMMA H Hammerin' Harry Irem 1990 JAMMA H Hard Head Sharp Image/Suna 1988 JAMMA H Hat Trick Hero (F3 System?) Taito 1990 JAMMA H Hat Trick Hero 93 (F3 System?) Taito 1992 JAMMA H Hat Trick Hero 94 (F3 System) Taito 1994 JAMMA H Hat Trick Hero 95 (F3 System) Taito 1994 JAMMA H Hatris Video Systema 1990 JAMMA H Haunted Castle Konami 1988 JAMMA V Heavy Barrel Data East 1988 JAMMA H Heavy Unit Grand 1989 JAMMA H High Impact Football Williams 1991 JAMMA H Hippodrome Data East 1989 JAMMA H Hit the Ice Williams 1991 JAMMA H Hook Irem 1992 JAMMA V Hot Shots Tennis Strata/Incredible 1990 JAMMA H Hydra Atari Games 1990 JAMMA H Ikari Warriors 3 Tradewest/S.N.K. 1989 JAMMA H In The Hunt IREM 1993 JAMMA V Kageki Romstar (Taito?) 1988 JAMMA H Karate Blazers McO'River 1991 JAMMA H Karnov Data East (DECO) 1987 JAMMA V Ki Ki Kai Kai JAMMA H Klax Atari Games 1990 JAMMA H Knights of the Round Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Kuri Kinton World Games 1988 JAMMA V L.E.D. Storm Capcom 1988 JAMMA V Last Duel Capcom 1988 JAMMA V Last Mission Data East (DECO) 1986 JAMMA V Legion Nichibutsu 1987 JAMMA H Legionnaire Fabtek/TAD 1992 JAMMA H Lethal Enforcers Konami 1992 JAMMA H Life Force Konami 1986 JAMMA V Lightning Fighter Konami 1990 JAMMA H Lucky 8 Line GRH 1989 JAMMA H M.I.A. Missing In Action Konami 1989 JAMMA H M.V.P. Sega 1989 JAMMA H Magic Sword Capcom 1990 JAMMA H Magical Crystals Kaneko 1991 JAMMA H Martial Champion Konami 1993 JAMMA H Mega Twins Capcom 1990 JAMMA V Mercs Capcom 1990 JAMMA V Meta Fox Seta? JAMMA H Metamorphic Force Konami 1993 JAMMA H Midnight Resistance Data East (DECO) 1989 JAMMA H Mille Miglia 2:Great 1000 M Rally Kaneko 1995 JAMMA V Mission XX Data East (DECO) 1982 JAMMA H Moonwalker (Michael Jackson's) Sega 1990 JAMMA
H Mortal Kombat Midway/Williams 1992 JAMMA H Mortal Kombat II Midway 1994 JAMMA H Mortal Kombat III Midway 1996 JAMMA H Mortal Kombat 4 Midway 1997 JAMMA Muscle Bomber Duo Capcom 1993 JAMMA H Mustang Demo 1990 JAMMA H Mutant Fighters: Death Brade Data East 1991 JAMMA H Mutant Warrior JAMMA V MX 5000 Konami 1987 JAMMA H Mystic Riders Irem 1992 JAMMA H N.Y. Captor Taito 1985 JAMMA V Namco Classics Volume 1 Namco 1997 JAMMA V Namco Classics Volume 2 Namco 1997 JAMMA H Nastar Warrior Taito 1989 JAMMA H NBA Jam Midway 1993 JAMMA H NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Midway 1994 JAMMA Nemo Capcom 1990 JAMMA H Neo-Geo (1 Game ONLY Ver.) SNK 1990 JAMMA H New Dyna Blaster: Global Quest Irem/Hudson Soft 1992 JAMMA H Ninja Clowns Strata 1991 JAMMA H Ninja Gaiden Tecmo 1988 JAMMA Ninja Kids JAMMA H Ninja Spirit Irem 1988 JAMMA H Nintendo Super System Cabinet Nintendo (S.N.K.) 1991 JAMMA H Off the Wall Atari Games 1991 JAMMA V Omega Fighter UFL/American Sammy 1989 JAMMA
H Opertaion Wolf Taito 1988 JAMMA H Opertaion Thunderbolt Taito 1989 JAMMA
H Opertaion Wolf 3 Taito 1991 JAMMA H Oscar Data East 1987 JAMMA V Out Zone Romstar/Toaplan 1990 JAMMA H P-47 Jaleco 1989 JAMMA H P.O.W. S.N.K. 1988 JAMMA V PacMania Atari 1987 JAMMA V Paddlemania S.N.K. JAMMA H Paladin (Bio-Ship Paladin?) American Sammy 1990 JAMMA H Pang Mitchell Corp JAMMA H Peek-A-Boo (R-rated) Jeleco JAMMA V Peggle Strata/Incredible 1991 JAMMA H Pig Out Leland 1990 JAMMA H Pipe Dream Demo 1991 JAMMA H PiPi&BiBis Toaplan JAMMA H Pit-Fighter Atari 1990 JAMMA V Poker Dice STA 1991 JAMMA V Pound for Pound Irem 1990 JAMMA H Power Instinct Atlus 1993 JAMMA H Powered Gear Capcom 1994 JAMMA H Prehistoric Isle 2 (NeoGeo MVS) SNK 2000 JAMMA H Primal Rage Atari Games 1994 JAMMA H Psycho Soldier SNK 1986 JAMMA H Punk Shot Konami 1990 JAMMA H Pushman American Sammy 1990 JAMMA H Pyros Taito 1987 JAMMA Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan only) Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Quiz of Dragons Capcom 1992 JAMMA H R-Type Nintendo/Irem 1987 JAMMA H R-Type II Irem 1990 JAMMA H R-Type Leo Irem 1992 JAMMA H Rabbit Punch Midway 1987 JAMMA H Rad Action UPL/World Games 1987 JAMMA H Rad Rally Sega 1991 JAMMA V Raiden Fabtek/Seibu 1990 JAMMA V Raiden DX Fabtek JAMMA V Raiden II Fabtek/Seibu 1993 JAMMA H Rainbow Islands: The Story of Buble 2 1988 JAMMA H Rampart Atari Games 1990 JAMMA H Rastan Taito 1987 JAMMA H Relief Pitcher Atari Games 1992 JAMMA H Renegade Taito 1986 JAMMA H Riding Fight Taito 1992 JAMMA H Rim Rockin' Basketball Strata/Incredible 1991 JAMMA H Road Riot 4wd Atari 1991 JAMMA H RoboCop Data East 1988 JAMMA H RoboCop 2 Data East (DECO) 1991 JAMMA V Roller Games Konami 1991 JAMMA H Rolling Thunder Atari Games 1986 JAMMA H Rough Ranger Sharp Image/Capcom JAMMA H Run & Gun Konami JAMMA H S.P.Y. Special Project Y Konami 1989 JAMMA H Salamander Konami JAMMA V Search and Rescue SNK 1990 JAMMA H Shadow Dancer Sega 1990 JAMMA H Shadow Force Technos 1993 JAMMA H Shogun Warrior Kaneko JAMMA V Sholin's Road JAMMA H Shuuz Atari Games 1990 JAMMA H Sidearms Romstar (Capcom?) 1987 JAMMA H Silent Dragon Taito 1992 JAMMA H SilkWorm Tecmo 1988 JAMMA H Skins Golf Irem JAMMA H Skull Atari 1989 JAMMA H Skull & Crossbones Atari Games 1989 JAMMA V Sky Adventure S.N.K. 1989 JAMMA V Sky Shark Romstar/Taito 1987 JAMMA V Sky Soldiers Romstar 1988 JAMMA H Slam Masters: Tournament Edition Capcom 1993 JAMMA H Sly Spy Data East 1989 JAMMA H Smash T.V. Williams 1990 JAMMA H Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom Romstar/Toaplan 1990 JAMMA H Soccer Finals Leland 1990 JAMMA H Solar Warrior Memetron 1987 JAMMA V Space Position Sega 1986 JAMMA V Speed Rumbler Capcom 1987 JAMMA H Spider-Man: The Videogame Sega 1991 JAMMA H Spinal Breakers American Sammy 1991 JAMMA H Sports Match Fabtek 1989 JAMMA H Steel Talons Atari 1991 JAMMA V Strata Bowling Strata/Incredible 1990 JAMMA H Strato Fighter Tecmo 1991 JAMMA H Street Fighter II: World Warrior Capcom 1991 JAMMA H Street Fighter II: Champion Ed. Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Street Fighter II: Rainbow Ed. Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Street Fighter II: Hyper Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Street Smart S.N.K. 1989 JAMMA H Strider Capcom 1989 JAMMA V Strike Gunner S.T.G. Tecmo 1991 JAMMA V Strikers 1945 Psikyo 1995 JAMMA V Strikers 1945 II Psikyo 1997 JAMMA V Strikers 1945 III Psikyo 1999 JAMMA H Strikeforce Williams/Midway 1991 JAMMA H Sunset Riders Konami 1991 JAMMA V Super Contra Konami 1988 JAMMA H Super Dodgeball Leland (Technos?) 1988 JAMMA H Super High Impact Football Williams/Midway 1991 JAMMA V Super Pinball Action Tecmo 1991 JAMMA H Super Pool 3 JAMMA V Super Qix Romstar 1987 JAMMA H Super Ranger JAMMA H Super Street Fighter II Capcom 1993 JAMMA H Super Street Fighter II Turbo Capcom 1994 JAMMA H Super Volleyball Data East 1989 JAMMA H Superman Taito 1988 JAMMA H Survival Arts American Sammy JAMMA V Tail to Nose Demo 1992 JAMMA H Tank Force Namco/Irene 1991 JAMMA V Task Force Harrier American Sammy 1989 JAMMA H Tecmo Knight Tecmo 1989 JAMMA H Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMN Konami 1989 JAMMA H Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TurTime 1991 JAMMA H Terminator 2 Williams 1991 JAMMA H Terra Force Nichibutsu 1987 JAMMA H Tetris Atari Games 1989 JAMMA H The Berlin Wall Kaneko 1991 JAMMA H The King of Dragons Romstar (Capcom?) 1991 JAMMA H The Main Event Kaneko 1988 JAMMA H The Main Event Konami 1988 JAMMA H The New Zealand Story Taito 1988 JAMMA H The Punisher Capcom 1993 JAMMA H The Simpsons Konami 1991 JAMMA H Three Wonders Capcom 1991 JAMMA V Thunder & Lightning Seta 1990 JAMMA V Thunder & Lightning 2 Visco 1992 JAMMA V Thunder Dragon Tecmo/NMK 1991 JAMMA H Thunder Fox Taito 1990 JAMMA H Thunder Strike Game Room 1992 JAMMA H Thunder Zone Data East 1991 JAMMA H Thundercade Sega 1988 JAMMA H ThunderJaws Atari Games 1990 JAMMA H Tiger Road Romstar/Capcom 1987 JAMMA H Time Killers Strata/Incredible 1992 JAMMA V Time Soldiers Romstar/S.N.K. 1987 JAMMA H Toki Fabtek/TAD Corp 1989 JAMMA V Top Gunner Konami 1986 JAMMA H Top Secret Capcom 1987 JAMMA H Total Carnage Midway 1992 JAMMA V Touchdown Fever S.N.K. 1987 JAMMA V Tri-Sports Midway 1989 JAMMA V Truxton Midway/Taito 1988 JAMMA V Turbo Force MCR 1991 JAMMA H Turtle Ship Philko Corp 1988 JAMMA H Turtles Lost in Time Konami 1992 JAMMA V Twin Cobra Romstar/Taito 1988 JAMMA V Twin Eagle Taito 1988 JAMMA V Twin Eagle II Romstar JAMMA V Twin Hawk Taito 1989 JAMMA H Two Crude Data East (DECO) 1990 JAMMA H U.N. Squadron Capcom 1989 JAMMA V U.S. Classic Golf Taito 1989 JAMMA H Mortal Kombat III Midway 1996 JAMMA H Undercover Cops Irem 1992 JAMMA H Ultimate Mortal Kombat III Midway 1996 JAMMA H V'Ball (U.S. Championship Beach V Taito 1988 JAMMA H Vampire (Japanese Dark Stalkers?) Capcom JAMMA V Varth: Operation Thunderstorm Romstar/Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Vendetta Konami 1991 JAMMA V Victory Road Tradewest/S.N.K. 1987 JAMMA H Vigilante Data East/Irem 1988 JAMMA H Violence Fight Taito 1990 JAMMA H Warriors of Fate Capcom 1992 JAMMA H Wheel of Fortune Gametek 1989 JAMMA H Willow Capcom 1989 JAMMA H Wizard Fire Data East (DECO) 1992 JAMMA H World Cup '90 Tecmo 1990 JAMMA H World Rally Atari Games JAMMA H World Soccer Finals Leland 1990 JAMMA H WWF Superstars Technos 1989 JAMMA H WWF Wrestlefest Technos 1991 JAMMA H WWF Wrestlemania Midway 1995 JAMMA H X-Men (4 Player) Konami 1992 JAMMA H X-Men (6 Player) Konami 1992 JAMMA H X-Men: Children of the Atom Capcom 1995 JAMMA H X-Men vs. Street Fighter (CPS-2) Capcom 1996 JAMMA H Xexex Konami 1991 JAMMA H Zero Wing Toaplan 1989 JAMMA Space Invasion (Commando?) Capcom JAMMA? V Stormin' Party Taito JAMMA? H Street Fighter Capcom 1988 JAMMA? Tank Busters? Tehkan JAMMA?™ Copyright© 2004-2008
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